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Weiherer Weizenbock aged in wooden sherry barrels

The sherry barrel-aged Weiherer Weizenbock is a beer specialty for very special moments in life. This special brew (see Weiherer Weizenbock for a description) was aged for seven months in oak barrels that previously held Spanish Pedro Ximénez sherry. The result: an extraordinary beer specialty which unites the barrel’s sweet oak notes with the fruity aroma of the mild dry-hopped Weizenbock.

Alcohol content: 7.7%

Original gravity: 17.6%

Specifics: International Craft Beer Award Gold 2019; it is served in a champagne bottle with a sommelier glass

Sold in 0.75 liter champagne bottle


Weiherer Weizenbock Holzfassgelagert Sherry
The Brewery

An Awarded

Since 2020, we have been brewing in our new, energy-efficient and innovative 60 hl 5-vessel brewhouse (1 hl = 100 liters) from Kaspar Schulz, Bamberg. Alongside master brewer Roland Kundmüller, our brewers take careful care of Weiher beer every day. And that is also necessary: Because brewing is a complex process.

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