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We live in a village with some 100 inhabitants. Idyllic and close to the nature. Protecting this nature is a matter of course for us. As a member of the German Quality Association of Environmentally Conscious Companies (Qualitätsverbund umweltbewusster Betriebe, QUB) and the Bavarian Environmental Pact (Umweltpakt Bayern), we practice environmental protection not only individually, but also at the company level. Our efforts focus on proactive instead of reactive conservation.


We have placed a high value on protecting the climate and resources since the 1990s. Our guesthouse and inn are fitted with solar collectors and two large photovoltaic systems to support the heating system and generate environmentally-friendly energy.


In 2012, the Kundmüller brewery was accredited as a “Solarbier®” brewery for brewing beer with solar power. The “Solarbier®” trademark guarantees that the following beer styles are brewed exclusively using regenerative energies: Weiherer Lager, Weiherer Pils, Weiherer Keller-Pils, Weiherer Keller, Weiherer Urstöffla and Weiherer Landbier.  At the same time, this eliminates the need for fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) and nuclear-powered electricity. The energy-optimized and ecological brewing process is continuously monitored by the TU Munich Weihenstephan (University of Technology, Munich) as an independent certification body. Consumers can thus contribute to preserving our planet by buying and enjoying the beers of the Weiherer range of products.