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Weiherer Lager


Brewed with the power of the sun, golden in the glass. This is our Weiherer Lager. Its strong, grainy malty aroma carries through to the first taste. The accompanying notes of fresh hops make this beer a balanced lager. It finishes slightly tangy with continuing hop bitterness and flashes of malt at the end.

Alcohol content: 4.7%

Original gravity: 11.30%

Specifics: Solar beer, International Craft Beer Award Gold 2021

Sold in 0.5 liter amber glass NRW bottles , 0.33 liter swing-top bottles, in 10/15/20/30 liter kegs and in 5 liter mini kegs

The Brewery

An Awarded

Since 2020, we have been brewing in our new, energy-efficient and innovative 60 hl 5-vessel brewhouse (1 hl = 100 liters) from Kaspar Schulz, Bamberg. Alongside master brewer Roland Kundmüller, our brewers take careful care of Weiher beer every day. And that is also necessary: Because brewing is a complex process.

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