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Generous Donations Support Children and Youth Hospice Work in Bamberg

Created on Jul 7, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we were able to support once again the Children and Youth Hospice Work in Bamberg! On June 4th, the handover of three donation campaigns took place. Andreas Nüsslein and his Taubenmarkt team raised a total of 2,875 EUR during the two events held at our brewery inn. Georg Lechner, the historical brewmaster, celebrated his 70th birthday with us in May. Instead of gifts, he requested donations for the children's hospice, and an impressive sum of 1,085 EUR was collected. And last but not least, on June 1st, we donated 1,000 EUR for the 1st Toy Run in Bamberg. We are truly delighted to be able to contribute to such an important cause. Dear team at the hospice association, thank you so much for your tremendous work and dedication! After the check handover, we had an impressive tour of the new facilities and were deeply moved. If you also wish to donate, please check out this link: https://hospizverein-bamberg.de/unterstuetzung/index.html

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