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(Not) A lightweight

Created on Feb 1, 2023

Grischberla means petite in Franconian. The new Weiherer / Fat Head's GrischBEERla is also a lightweight - but only when it comes to the alcohol, not the taste. The top-fermented Session IPA was brewed together with friend and headbrewer Matt Cole from Fat Head's Brewery, Ohio. This is already the third Franconian-American collaboration brew. 

The joy was great when Roland and Oswald Kundmüller saw Matt Cole again ath the end of the year in Weiher, after all they had not met since Corona. Even the recipe was worked out in advance by email. The new collab was to be a fruity, hoppy Session IPA with Sultana, Cascade, Cashmere, Sabro and Cryopop hops. "We wanted to brew a really nice tropical-fruity beer that is not as strong as our classic IPA or the Imperial IPA", says Roland Kundmüller. The result is completely successful and shows a Session IPA at its best with hop aromas in the form of pineapple, melon and even a little coocnut.

As always, the time spent togetheras friends was very much enjoyed - talking shop about brewing, tasting special beers and this time even visiting another Franconian brewery. The Weiherers met Günter Scheubel from Stern Bräu Schlüsselfeld at Zehendner in Mönchsambach. "Stefan Zehendner brought forward the tapping of the bock beer especially for us and  tapped a 10 liter-barrel bock, which was a very funny and collegial evening all for us", said Oswald Kundmüller.

Weiherer / Fat Head's GrischBEERla is available in well-stocked beverage stores, in the brewery's own beverage market or, of course, freshly tapped from the barrel in the brewery inn in Weiher. 


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