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Pre-Christimas treats

Created on Dec 15, 2021

Final at Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award 2021. In November, a top-class specialist jury, composed of beer sommeliers, brewers and other experts from research and teaching, met for the last time this year to choose the best beers of the year. In accordance with this year's seasonally adapted concept, the tasting focused on autumn and winter beers.

From Winterbock to smoked beer to barrel-aged specialities - a total of 136 beers were hoping for one of the coveted awards in November. At the end of the tasting day, the jury awarded 4 x platinum, 27 x gold and 3 x silver, of which three gold medals went to the Weiherer Bock, the Weiherer Rauch and the Weiherer / Cervejaria Bamberg Rauchbock.

About the excellent Weiherer beers:

The Weiherer Bock shines in the most beautiful golden yellow in the glass. In the smell, strongly malty with notes of honey, this impression continues in the initial taste. The malt sweetness is in the foreground, the honey notes are also clearly recognizable in the taste - a full body with pond charm.

The Weiherer Rauch not only impresses with its shiny gold-colored appearance, but above all with its fine, spicy smoked malt notes. Already the smell allows them to be clearly recognized, but they only show themselves at their peak when they are enjoyed. The whole soft, never too violent body of malt comes to the fore, which is enveloped in the delicate notes of hops. There is still a hint of smoke after the last sip has been taken. A beer that also convinces non-smoky beer connoisseurs.

The Weiherer / Cervejaria Bamberg Rauchbock is a collaboration brew of the Brazilian craft brewer Alexandre Bazzo and master brewer Roland Kundmüller. Amber-colored, smoky warming and with hops from your own garden. Brewed with the 4 types of malt Carared, Melanoidin, Rauch and Pilsner malt as well as the hops Hallertauer Gold, Saphir and Spalter Select.

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