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Weiherer Bier at the World Heritage Site Run 2019

Created on May 6, 2019

First the verdict: it was awesome! That’s what the entire Weiherer Bier team says about the Bamberg World Heritage Site Run 2019. Not only the weather and the legs played along, but the team spirit in particular was overwhelming. So the Weiherer Bier runners didn’t just manage to break personal records.

With 25 runners, the 2019 Weiherer Bier team was better positioned than ever before. The dry ground and mild, not too cold temperatures provided ideal conditions. Although some of the spectators had to dig warm jackets out of the wardrobe, the athletes were able to really let off steam. And that’s exactly what happened: cheered on by fantastic onlookers, many a personal record was broken. Special mention should be made here of the performance of Weiherer Bier runner Emilia, who finished 2nd in the U12 age group in the 4.4 km Wieland race and Magdalena, who finished 7th in her age group (WY U16).

In this competition, though, sporting achievements weren’t the only thing the team was interested in. Team spirit and good humor were paramount – regardless of whether it was the 4.4 or 10.9 km run. Member of the German Bundestag Dorothee Bär (MdB), who joined the Weiherer Bier team this year, was also in good spirits and raised her glass with the participants at the after-run party in Weiher. And the presentation of the new, isotonic alcohol-free beer rounded off the day perfectly!

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