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International Craft Beer Award

Created on May 17, 2018

This year’s Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award saw breweries from 28 countries enter their beers for a chance to win one of the coveted medals or special awards. Whether Berliner Weisse, Eisbock, Dark Strong Ale or Imperial Stout, the vast array of styles was impressive. The almost 90 judges – many of whom are brewers and beer sommeliers or experts from the fields of research and teaching – tested a total of 70 different beer styles. 

Weiherer Bier won Gold for Weiherer Rauch, Weiherer Bock, Weiherer Weizenbock, Weiherer Weizenbock holzfassgelagert Dornfelder, Weiherer Doppelbock holzfassgelagert Rum and silver for Weiherer Zwickerla Hell, Weiherer Weizen Hell, Weiherer Bio Zwickerla Dunkel, Weiherer Urstöffla, Weiherer Schwärzla as well the Collab brews Weiherer/Cervejaria Bamberg Rauchbock and Weiherer / Bira Bassanese. With the special price 'Best Pils' it means the brewery Kundmueller is the most awarded brewery of the competition. 

‘The further increase in the number of entries indicates to us that there is considerable interest and demand amongst breweries when it comes to having their speciality beers tasted and rated by an unbiased panel of experts,’ remarks Director Degustation Wolf. Alongside traditional craft beers such as IPA and Pale Ale, he also pointed out that traditional German styles such as Pils, wheat beer, Helles and Kellerbier are also gaining in popularity. These beers, in particular, demonstrated extraordinary quality and were a joy to drink.

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